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  • The Caspian Sea

    The Caspian Sea (CSJ) (ISSN 1578-7899) published by Almaty Scientific Research Publishing (ASRP) – Kazakhstan. From https://writology.com/buy-research-papers you could also buy online research papers on any topic relevant to our editors. The themes are usually the same as always. This journal is an international journal which publishes high-quality papers covering a broad area of science.The submitted manuscripts should report original and unpublished research results and follow the style of the journal. No length limitations for contributions are set, but only concisely written papers will be published. This journal has indexed in the Google Scholar, Abroad education, Web stats domain and getCited.

  • The Caspian Sea has Excluded from the master journals list of Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) Since June 5th.


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    The Caspian Sea Journal (CSJ) is a peer reviewed, international open access journal. Its mission is to disseminate research and information on all fields of science.

    Peer Review Process

    What Content is Peer Reviewed?

    Ordinarily all articles that appear in the journal are peer reviewed. The editors may occasionally invite an author to submit an article. Book reviews, editorials, and columns are not peer reviewed.

    Initial Review

    The section editors and managing editor evaluate submissions to determine if the content and topic are aligned with the scope and purpose of CSJ.

    Peer Review

    Submissions that clear the initial review are passed on to the appropriate section editor. The section editor selects at least two referees to review articles. Submissions are reviewed in a single blinded review process, where the referees are anonymous to the authors.

    Once referees complete their reviews, the section editor makes a recommendation to the managing editor before the author is notified of the decision. This process takes a minimum of six to eight days to complete.


    The recommendation made after peer review and consideration of the editors will be one of the following:

    · accepted as is

    · accepted with minor revisions

    · declined

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Almaty Scientific Research Publishing Inc
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Motuzaite Jorayev
ju Editor-in-Chief
Dina Bartoccioni
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Samouel Jasn