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Investigation of E-Learning in the Pedagogical System of Kazakhstan

  Page 05-07
  Adil Kossumov


An Overview on Geographic Information System (GIS) Application in Environmental Management, Case Study: Algae Growth Assessment in Tampa Bay

  Page 08-13
  Mehdi Ketabchy,Mohammad Nayeb Yazdi,Ebrahim Ahmadisharaf


Juristic - Legal Analysis of the Validity of Exorbitant Dowry

  Page 14-20
  Hussein Shafiee,Nasrin Alipour


Obstacles in Development of Livestock Sector- Evidence from Kazakhstan

  Page 21-23
  Giles Gaygysyz,Nadezhda Bismilda


Study on Development of Financial Sector in Persian Gulf Basin Countries

  Page 24-27
  Mojtaba Ebrahimi,Meghdad Masoumi,Davood Ghilichkhan,Reza Ghilichkhan,Mohsen Bahrami


Scope and Authorities of a Natural Guardian in Non-Financial Affairs of a Ward

  Page 28-33
  Hasan Falah,Masoud Bitaneh


Survey on the Picking Method of PPP State in the Public Field

  Page 34-38
  Veli Saka


Studying Gender in Azary Proverb from the Viewpoint of Sociolinguistics

  Page 39-50
  Malahat Shabani Minaabad, Mohammad Mirzaei


Isolation, Identification and Serotyping Uropathogenic Escherchia Coli Siderophore Manufacturer of Hospital Patients and Health Care Centers in Bandare Anzali

  Page 51-55
  Mitra Doost Prast,Khosro Issazadeh,Mohamad Reza Khosh Kholgh


Detection of CMV Virus Using Two Methods: Real-Time-PCR and Cytochemical Staining in Immune-Compromised Individuals

  Page 56-61
  Mohammad Sadegh


The Study of Effect of Exchange Rate on Iranian Private Bank's Performance

  Page 62-67
  Fatemeh Shahnazi Pour,Mahnaz Rabiei,Abbas Memar Nezhad


Check and Total Aflatoxin B with Degeneration of the Liver after Hepatitis in Gilan

  Page 68-70
  Maryam Tavakkoli Lakeh,Seyyed Hamed Shirazi Beheshtiha,Leila Modiri


Examine the Relationship between Religious Orientation with General Health and Life Expectancy in Female Students of Ilam Province

  Page 71-75
  Seyed Rahmatollah Musavi Moghadam,Shoreh Arjomandi,Zoreh Khebarzadeh,Mostafa Naderi,Shahnaz Shokri


Study Factors Affecting On Islamic Clothing of Adolescent Girls

  Page 76-80
  Mahshid Izadi,Maryam Kazemi


Assessment of Financial and Economic Basics of Energy Saving

  Page 81-85
  Mojtaba Jamiati,Mahmoud Ariyanejad,Amin Karimzadeh


Space Management Role in the Regulation of Rural Settlements Case Study: Qeysar Abad Village

  Page 86-92
  Tahmineh Daniali,Alireza Estelaji,Abolfazl Shahbazi


Analytical Survey of Yield Line Theories and Methods in Concrete Structures

  Page 93-98
  H.H Lavasani,Omid Reza Baghchesaraei,Alireza Baghchesaraei


The Mediator Roll of Thinking Style in the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Job Behavior between Employees of Roads and Urban Development Organization in Ardabil Province

  Page 99-107
  Farhang Fallah Khoshkholgh, Ali Khalegh Khah