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Identifying and Ranking the Affecting Factors of the Green Banking on Banks Competitive Market (State-Owned Banks and Private Population of Tehran)

  Page 03-08
  Naser Azad,Vahid Rashid Samanlou


The Relationship between Brand Personality and Customers' Loyalty in Refah Kargaran Bank The Case Study: Branches in Tehran

  Page 09-14
  Mohsen Taherkhani,Mojtaba Maleki,Hossein Najafi,Parisa Shahrami


A Study of the Impact of Customer Orientation on the Attraction of Service Market

  Page 15-17
  Shahla Amiri,MohamadReza Habibi


Measuring Desirability of Urban Public Space of 600 Dastgah Mashhad Complex According to the Citizens by Place Check Method

  Page 18-25
  Somayyeh Beyki,Nafise Rezaei,Hamid Fakhimzadeh,Mohammad Shabani


Performance Evaluation of Succession Management in Banks and Financial Institutions (Case Study: Melli Bank in Isfahan City)

  Page 26-30
  Ali Reza Abedi Jalalabad,Zahra Mu'izzi,Reyhaneh Karbalaei-e- Mohammadi


Pathology of Budgeting In Management of Commercial Media Advertisements in Iran

  Page 31-33
  Zainab Sadat Mirhadi,Ali Akbar Farhangi


Residential Complex Designed In For Dramatic Center, Iran's Efforts in Rehabilitation of Traditional Patterns and Positive Psychology

  Page 34-39
  Afshin Amoozadeh lichaei,Zahra Khazaei,Neda Haghgoo


Investigating the Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing Strategies in Sepah Bank Case Study:Tehran Branches

  Page 40-45
  Parisa Shahrami,Mojtaba Maleki,Hossein Najafi,Mohsen Taherkhani


Divineness of the Word of Holy Qur’an

  Page 46-54
  Mohammd Sheibani


The Study of Effectiveness of Kindergarten on the Compatibility of Children’s in the Preschool

  Page 55-58
  Niloofar Tosee Erfani,Ali Akbar Seyf


Environmental Legislation In The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution

  Page 59-60
  Mahdi Najjar Sadeghi,Israfil Ala,Amirmohammad Babaee


Investigate the Electronic payment barriers of revenues of Ports and Maritime Organization and providing solutions (Case Study of the Directorate General of Ports and Maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan)

  Page 61-67
  Abdulaziz Abtin,Farshad Balouch Lashari


To Explore Role of Colonialism and West in Difference between Muslims and to Form Salafi and Vahabi

  Page 68-71
  Hossein Shams


Identify Factors Affecting Adoption of Mobile Viral Marketing and Customer Decision-Making Process Review

  Page 72-79
  Maryam Mahdavi,Mohammad Heydari,Ehsan Ahadmotlaghi


IT Governance Maturity Assessment Using Demographics Data of Bank Saderat I

  Page 80-86
  Hamid Keshavarzian,Jalal Haghighat Monfared


Evaluation of Prefabrication Technologies in Construction

  Page 87-90
  Alireza Baghchesaraei,Omid Reza Baghchesaraei


Predicting Harmful Use of the Internet on the Basis of Personality Traits

  Page 91-96
  Majid Zargham Hajeb,Azam Yaghubian,Roghayeh Zeraatee Idehloo


Relationship between Impulsivity, Negative Mood and Binge Eating Symptoms

  Page 97-100
  Maryam Zeinali,Malek Bestami,Majid Naeimavi


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Parents’ Emotion Regulation Method on Anxiety and Depression Symptoms of Children

  Page 101-106
  Leila Moteragheb Jafarpour,Ali Esmailie


The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Relationship between Emotional Display Rules and Organizational Health of Service Providers

  Page 107-113
  Hossein Vazifedoost,Kamal Ghalandari


The Dispersion of Heavy Metals in the Air, Soil and Wastewater of Sistan Cement Factory, South East of Iran

  Page 114-117
  Sanaz Khammar,Asef Darvishi


Information Search Behavior Scale Development: Internal and External Search

  Page 118-123
  Kamal Ghalandari,Abdollah Norouzi,Sareh Masoudi,Hasan Aminpoor,Asghar Taheri


Effect of Reality Therapy on Achievement Motivation and Problem-Solving Skills in Students

  Page 124-127
  Sareh Masoudi,Reza Mirzaei,Hasan Aminpoor,Mohammad Hafeznia,Maryam Majd


Examining the Antecedents of Brand Resonance Creation in Oral Industry of Iran

  Page 128-133
  Gholam Hosain Khorshidi,Mohsen Sanati,Atefeh Ghomi Avili