Volume 10, Issue 1, Supplement 3 (2016)


Investigating the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Competitive Strategy in Finance and Credit Institution Samen-Alhojaj of Mazandaran Province

  Page 03-10
  Mirvahed Hosseini,Marzie Niazazari


The Survey of the Relationship between Information Technology Acceptance and Organizational Agility from the Perspective of the Public Institutions Employees (Case Study: Markazi Province Organization of Road Maintenance and Transport)

  Page 11-19
  Gholamreza Bordbar,Muhammad Sadeg Horri


Factors Affecting the Caspian, the Caspian to the Persian Gulf to Compare Islamic Republic of Iran

  Page 20-26
  Davod Kiany,Amir Talbian


Parents’ Violence and Its Effects on Children’s Compatibility (Case Study Butterfly House Mehr City)

  Page 27-32
  Parvane Doodman


Supporting Multinational Corporations in the Laws and Regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  Page 33-37
  Kobra Javadi


Investigating the Effects and Prioritization of the Factors Affecting Development of Halal Brand for Export Promotion (Case Study: Food Industry)

  Page 38-46
  Mohamadreza Shojaei,Akram Moradi


The Relationship between Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Accruals and Information Efficiency in Tehran Stock Exchange

  Page 47-50
  Mehdi Talebghasabi,Leila Lak, Fatemeh Lak


To Study the Factors Affecting the Performance improvement of Educational Institutes Case Study: Elementary Schools of Khorramdarreh County

  Page 51-55
  Mahnaz Karami,Soror Sadri,Ahdiyeh Aghamohamadi


The Effect of Corrective Feedback Strategy Types on Iranian EFL Learner’s Willingness to Communicate

  Page 56-65
  Azam Rashidi, Seyed Reza Basiro, Hossein Saadabadi Motlaq


Mo’atat Marriage and Verbal or Non-Verbal Temporary Implementation of the Constitution Evidence from Iran

  Page 66-70
  Shabboo Ansari,Behrouz Majdzadeh Khandani

The Relationship between Organizational Cultures with Knowledge Management Case: Staff of Education Organization of Iran

  Page 71-78
  Omid Vandad,Hujat Allah Moradi Parandjani


Self-control, Coping Strategies and Suicide Ideation in Adults Prisoners of Hamadan, Iran

  Page 79-82
  Saeed Ariapooran,Mehdi Khezeli


Identifying the Affecting Factors on Consumer`s Online Shopping Behavior Based on TAM, DTPB Model

  Page 83-88
  Zahra Alipur Darvish,Mahnaz Azari Ghelichi,Seyed Hamed Hamdi


The Study of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and the Role of Emotional Quotient (EQ) on Incidence of It in Hospitals of Zabol

  Page 89-95
  Alireza Nadrifar,Abdullah Hashemzaee


New Mysticisms: A Survey and Criticism of Osho School

  Page 96-100
  Mohsen Makarem


Surveying the Relationship between Marketing Performance and Competitive Advantage in Private and State Banks of Mazandaran Province (Case Study: Banks of Qaemshahr and Jouybar Cities)

  Page 101-106
  Ghanbarzadeh DivKolai Aliasghar,Erfan Memariyan


The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and the Earnings Response Coefficients of the Listed Companies

  Page 107-111
  Mahsa Shahsanam,Hamidreza Shamakhi


Effects of Metal-Organic Frameworks on CO2 Solubility in Aqueous Amine Solutions

  Page 112-119
  Mahzad Yaghmaei Sabegh, Ahmad Tavasoli, Alireza Shakeri


Investigation of Abidance Factors in the Poetry of Badawi al-Jabal and Hamid Sabzevari

  Page 120-123
  Zeynab Lalvand,Mohammad Naghi Maghsoudi

Green Technology for the Clean Up of the Environment- A review

  Page 124-126
  Mohsen Gholamali Majdabadi

The Compilation of One Object of Timurid Metalwork (12th Century) in the National Museum of Iran with Two Objects in National Museum of Yerevan-Armenia

  Page 127-132
  Shahram Heidarabadian,Soosan Bayati,Mahmoud Tavousi

The Evaluation of the Effective Factors in the Performance of the Tropical Fruits

  Page 133-141
  Tahmoures Hasan Gholipour,Abolghasem Mira,Taybeh Golabdoust

The Study of Factors Affecting Students' Tendency towards Research and Study from the Viewpoints of Teachers in the Academic Year 2015-2016 in Dehloran

  Page 142-148
  Taher Ganji

Forecast Workaholism Based on Personality Traits and Job Involvement among Employees Lorestan Province Blood Transfusion Organization

  Page 149-154
  Fatemeh Alipourfard,Ali Farhadi,Hamid Reza Adinehvand

Analyzing the Strategic Environment in the Agricultural Sector Based on Phase Logic in Agriculture Section

  Page 155-164
  Yasser Saei,Bakhtiar Lalehgani

Semantically Meta-cognitive Properties in Makhzanol Asrar

  Page 165-167
  Mohammad Naghi Maghsoudi,Naser Kazem Khanloo

Study of Environmental Sustainability & Green Building in Iran’s warm/dry weather Using LEED

  Page 168-174
  Pegah Nikraftar,Amir Ahmad Aminian