Volume 10, Issue 1, Supplement 2 (2016)


Inclusivity in Practice: Top 5 Keys, Pros, and Cons in Meeting Diverse Learning Needs with Modern Monitoring Tools

Service Training and Organizational Efficiency

  Page 05-10
  Mozaffar Espeed


The Effect of In-Service Training of Employees on Empowering the Organizations, Employees

  Page 11-16
  Mozaffar Espeed


The Impact of Global Warming on Sirvan River Using Non-Parametric Methods

  Page 17-23


Study of Biological and Physico-Chemical Quality of Babolrood River in Mazandaran province, Iran

  Page 24-32
  Ali Behmanesh


The Impact of Meta-cognitive Teaching Math on Math Problem Solving Ability among High School First Grade Students

  Page 33-40
  Reza Asarzadeh,Saeed Sayedi Nasab


The Role of Cognitive Flexibility and Spiritual Intelligence in the Research Self-Efficacy of Faculty Members of Payam Noor University of Kermanshah Province

  Page 41-45
  Alireza Merati


An Investigation of the Strategies of Introducing Yazd as a Global Brand

  Page 46-49
  Shiva Asadi,Ali Chini Zadeh,Hassan Hekmatnia


Determination of 5-S Ordering System Effect on the Working Life Quality and Staff Efficiency in the Fars Province Gas Company

  Page 50-55
  Hassan Soltani


The conflict of the Murder Evidences in the Imami Jurisprudence and the Islami Penal Code

  Page 56-60
  Seyed Mohammad Hosseini,Shahram Mirzanzhad Asl


A Review on Corrosion of Reinforcing steel in Concrete Structures Located on the Southern Coast of Iran

  Page 61-66
  Hassan Ali Sayadi,Abbas Akbar pour Nik Ghalb Rashti,Hamid Reza Rabie Far


Investigating Relationship between Internet Brand Equity and Users’ Satisfaction through Integration of ISM-DEMATEL Approaches (Case Study of the Google Brand and Iranian Users)

  Page 67-74
  Ali Bonyadi Naeini,Pouyan Kazempour


Investigating the Identity Process in Urban Design Guidelines based on the Principles of Walkability

  Page 75-80
  Shora Shahriari


Evaluation of the Performance of Congestion Control Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks

  Page 81-90
  Ameneh Gholamhosseinzadeh,Mojtaba Mansoori


Mesenchymal Stem Cells (M.S.C.) Effect in Streptozotocin (STZ) Induced Type I Diabetic Rats

  Page 91-95
  Armita Mahdavi Gorabi,Farhad Souri, Mona Jahandideh Kazempor


Investigation of Energy Revenue by Photovoltaic System Evidence from erection of Nazarbayev University

  Page 96-105
  Azamat Kim


Carcinogenesis (Formation of Cancer) and Impact of BRCA-2 and BRCA-1 Mutation on Female Breast Cancer (Heredity) Growth and Development

  Page 106-110
  Armita Mahdavi Gorabi,Mir Hadi Jazayeri,Maziar Farid


Introducing and Examination of Barandagh Khojandi’s Allusions to Hafiz Shirazi

  Page 111-119
  Nasser Mohsseninia,Mehdi Fayyaz,Omid Soroori


A Survey on the Relationship between Legal Jurisprudence and the Mortgage Property Lease Laws in Iran Statutory Law

  Page 120-126
  Mohammad Mozaffar,Yadollah Safari


The Relationship between Members’ Conceptions on Organizational Commitment on Company Social Responsibility Activities In DBS Bank - Singapore

  Page 127-134
  Abdullahi Terano


Aredvisura’s Anahita’s Impression in Avesta Transcripts

  Page 135-138
  Mozhgan Esmaili


Study on Relationship between Law and Ethics

  Page 139-142
  Hadis Rasekhi


Identifying and Ranking the Criteria for Evaluating the Performance of Operating Managers of Iran Khodro Company Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and TOPSIS

  Page 143-151
  Behzad Behzadi,Jalal Haghighat Monfared


Children Interests in Figh

  Page 152-155
  Ali Esfehanian


Assess the Impact of Resistance Economic on National Productivity (Case study: city of Shahrekord)

  Page 156-158
  Yazdan Kahyani,Shahab Kahyani,Amrollah Parsamehr,Valiolah Esmaeili Darake,Farhad Farhad


Training to Human Resource and Entrepreneurship Development

  Page 159-164
  Parviz Saeedi,Abedin Alipour, Ghorban Rayeji, Babaali Gilani


Study the Rights of Son Born to in Vitro Fertilization

  Page 165-170
  Hadis Rasekhi


Studying the Effect of Brand Community on Making a Commitment to a Brand

  Page 171-175
  Hossein Vazifedoost,Nahid Kheiri


Evaluated the Relationship between Sensory Marketing with Customer Satisfaction in Hotel Services

  Page 176-180
  Hossein Vazifedoost,Mahsa Karbalaei Hassan


Examining the Relationship between Pricing Strategies and Marketing Activities: Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service and Effectiveness of Promotion Activities

  Page 181-186
  Hossein Vazifedoost,Roghiyeh Abdi


Comparing Different Methods of Measuring the Coverage of Salsola Laricina in the Steppe Region of Rudshur Saveh

  Page 187-192
  Tayebeh Entezari,Yunes Asri,Gholam Reza Khaniki


Comparison of Different Methods for Measuring Density of Salsola Laricina in Rudshoor Steppe in Saveh

  Page 193-197
  Tayebeh Entezari,Yunes Asri,Gholam Reza Khaniki,Morteza Akbarzadeh


Human Resources Challenges in Industrial Marketing

  Page 198-206
  Tahmhneh Nategh,Afsaneh Dezhbodi