Volume 10, Issue 1, Supplement 4 (2016)


Surveying the Relationship of Moral Foundations and Cultural Intelligence with Grit of the Teachers of Special Children Schools in Birjand City

  Page 03-06
  Hasan Mirzahoseyni,Shadi Tolok, Nazgol Naeimian


Surveying the Relationship of Family Emotional Atmosphere with Emotional Intelligence and Happiness of Students

  Page 07-11
  Hasan Mirzahoseini,Bahareh Shirvani, Mahdi Beiki,Sasan Esmaeili Shahroudi


Predicting Marital Satisfaction Based on Attachment Styles, Defense Mechanisms and Quality of Life in Married Students, Mashhad City, Iran 

  Page 12-16
  Soroush Zarei


Effectiveness of Computer Games on the Creativity and Educational Performance of Students

  Page 17-24
  Alireza Agha Yusefi,Fatemeh Alsadat Razeghi


The Role of Percepted Social Support Confronting and Tolerating Strategy in Prediction of Eledrs Life’s Quality

  Page 25-29
  Rahimzadeh Khadigeh


Predicting High-Risk Behaviors in Adolescents Based on the Parenting and Decision-Making Styles

  Page 30-35
  Alireza Agha Yusefi,Roghaye Zera'ati Idelu,Shahrzad Saravani, Fatemeh'Sadat Razeghi


The Role of Cultural Capitals in the Female Power among Family

  Page 36-41
  Zahra Bahari


The Impact of Pilates Training on Lower Extremity Function of Mentally Retarded Students

  Page 42-46
  Rahman Amiri,Mostafa Payandeh,Shahnaz Bakhshi Nezhad,Somayeh Hasan Zadeh,


In The Search for Unity of Religions; What Interfaith Dialogue among Muslim Mystics With Emphasis on Rumi Molana

  Page 47-60
  Pouya Doulabi,Zohreh Shaeri


Histological and Functional Changes of Japanese Quail (Coturnix Japonica) Kidneys Exposed to Cadmium

  Page 61-64
  Omid Karimi,Saeed Hesaraki,Seyyed Pejmane Mortazavi


The Investigation of the Staffs' Desire to Stay in Zehak Technical and Professional Organization and the Role of Job Boredom Proneness in its Improvement

  Page 65-69
  Mohammad Ghasemi,Shirin Shahriari


The Perspective of Safin Event Book

  Page 70-80
  Ali Asghar Rezayi,Hassan Majidi,


Designing Performance Evaluation Pattern of Islamic Azad University Branches based on Excellence Organizational Indexes by Using Method of Data Envelopment Analysis

  Page 81-90
  Mehdi Keshavarzi,Hassan Rahgozar


Surveying the Relationship between the Parents’ Characteristics and Communicational Skills and Sell-Image of Motor-Physical Handicapped, Nehbandan, Iran

  Page 91-93
  Majid Zargham Hajebi,Shadi Tolok


The Effect of Environmental Conditions on Phenological Characteristics in Native Olive Genotypes (Oleaeuropaea L.) of Ilamprovince

  Page 94-99
  Akbar Esmaeili, Azar Seyde


The Effects of Salicylic Acid and Nitric Oxide on the Freezing Stress Tolerance of Olive Oil Plants

  Page 100-106
  Azar Seyde,Elham Faryabi


The Effect of Phonological Awareness Training on Stuttering

  Page 107-110
  Mahdiyeh Kargar


Comparing Capabilities of K- Nearest Neighbor Predictive Models, Decision Tree and Bayes in Prediction of Bankruptcy of Tehran Stock Exchange Companies (Case Study: Pharmaceutical Industry)

  Page 111-117
  Mehdi Nazemi Ardakani,Vahid Zare Mehrjardi,Amir Hossein Zare,Milad Kahdoy


The Principle of Judicial Independence and Monitoring the Performance of Judges

  Page 118-123
  Abolfazl Ziaee


Ranking Factors Affecting GSCM in Iranian Automotive Parts Manufacturer

  Page 124-132
  Mahdieh Jalalpour, Behnaz Gharakhani, Masoomeh Farrokh, Ghasemali Salman, Mahdi Jalalpoor


Effect of Financial Reporting Quality and Investment Opportunities and Dividend Based On Decision-Making Case Study: Insurance Companies in Iran

  Page 133-137
  Fariba Safarzadeh, Mehran Aflakparast


Modeling Architecture Compatible with Climate for Tabriz City in Iran

  Page 138-144
  Hassan Sattari Sarbangholi


Comparing the Performance and Lifetime of Co/GNS and Co/CNT Catalysts in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

  Page 145-153
  Fatemeh Hasanpour, Somayeh Taghavi, Ahmad Tavasoli


The Relationship between Nonverbal Communications, Social Skill and Social Anxiety among Students of Payam-E Noor University of Tehran

  Page 154-160
  Farzaneh Nazemi,Rahil Haghjoo,Parisa Kashani,Jalal Karamad,Maryam Salehizadeh


Relationship between Women's Quality of Life and Postpartum Depression

  Page 161-166
  Somayeh Moinmehr,Maryam Afsar,Maryam Salehizadeh,Parisa Kashani,Jalal Karamad,Mostafa Foroutan


Investigation the Mediating Role of Differentiation of Self in Relationship between Depression and Marital Satisfaction

  Page 167-172
  Maryam Afsar,Mostafa Foroutan,Jalal Karamad,Maryam Salehizadeh,Parisa Kashani


Determination of Hadronic Nuclei Radius in 3DL Model

  Page 173-178
  Arezu Jahanshir


Numerical Study of Ceiling Fan Utilization Effect on Energy Usage Amount and Residents Thermal Comfort in Cold Season

  Page 179-186
  Muhammad Khalili Azad,Amir Omidvar


Study of Rural Management and Its Challenges in Iran Case study: Caraganrood District in Iran

  Page 187-191
  Aeizh Azmi,Bahram Imani,Fardin Nosrati


The Spiritual Aspect of Inscriptional Ornaments in Goharshad Mosque

  Page 192-199
  Asghar Javani,Maryam Ghasemi Sichani,Bahman Faizabi


Identification and Prioritization of the Indicators Influence on the Outward Views and Interior Installation from the Customer’s Standpoint in Keshavarzi Bank of the Western Azarbayjan Province

  Page 200-206
  Mohammad Gorsi,Karim Mohammadali Asl,Jafar Beikzad


A Review on the Theories of Ethics in the Organization and the Role of Islamic Ethics in the Organization Management and Administration

  Page 207-210
  Mohammad Reza Bagherzadeh,Morad Khoshdel Mofidi


SAMA in Persian Literature

  Page 211-213
  Naser Kazemkhanlo,Sedigheh ghasemzadeh,Fahimeh Sazmand


A Survey of Electronic Government Condition in Iran and Students’ Knowledge about it

  Page 214-221
  Alireza Soleimani,Javad Asadi


A New Framework for Self Optimization Networking in Next Generation Mobile Networks

  Page 222-229
  Amin Mohajer, Morteza Barari,Houman Zarrabi


A Novel Method for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Ant Colony Algorithm

  Page 230-243
  Mohsen Emami,Mostafa Hosseini,Mohammadali Karimi


Defining the Point Change of the Distribution Time for the Clients’ Reference to Bank

  Page 244-246
  Narges Abbasi,Lela Nazari Sabooki,Mohsen Emami,Zahra Al'arab Moosa


Study the Effect of Achieve Model on Employee Performance in Bank Melli Iran

  Page 247-251
  Naser Farshadgohar,Fariba Abbaspour,Hooman Pashootanizadeh


Assessment the Influence Factors for Increase the Market Share in Industrial Cooling and Heating Products

  Page 252-258
  Naser Farshadgohar,Shayan Bastani,Fariba Abbaspour,Sanaz Faridi,


The Effect of Brand Value on Sales Income and Market Value

  Page 259-265
  Hamid Hosseini,Melika Kagopour,Mohammadreza Khanlou


Description and Analysis of Phonological Processes in Dezfuli Dialect Based on the Framework of Optimality Theory

  Page 266-272
  Elkhas Veysi,Mohammad Paknezhad


Reading Comprehension Effective Factors: Translated Persian Folk Tales and English Short Stories Garden Path

  Page 273-277
  Maryam Abdollahzadeh,Ali Akbar Jabbari


Predicting the Job Involvement based on Job Motivation Variable among Experts and Supervisors of Isfahan Cement Company

  Page 278-282
  Karim Saeidi,Mohammad Reza Iravani,


Evolution of Human Sciences Based on the Values of Islamic Revolution of Iran (Based on the Comments of Mohammad Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi)

  Page 283-285
  Moin Zabeti, Roozbeh Adib


The Relationship between Organizational Justice and Political Behavior and Employees' Job Performance of the Electricity Distribution Department of Behbahan

  Page 286-291
  Iman Danaeifar,Saman Hasani,Soheila Kaviani,Alireza Abed,Asieh Abangah


The Relation between Organizational Strategies and Competencies of Human Capital in Exploration DirectorateA

  Page 292-297
  Marziyeh Shabani,Alireza Afsharnezhad


The Natural Menopause Age and Associated Factors at Women Menopause in Kerman, Iran

  Page 298-301
  Afsar Foroud,Simin Mehdipour,Fatemeh Nikvarz,Khashayar Haj jafari,Tahereh Shafieian


The Relationship of Spirituality with the Styles of Coping with Stress among College Students

  Page 302-305
  Delaram Badiee


Identify Ways to Improve Customer’s Relationship Management

  Page 306-308
  Zohreh Mohamadhoseini


The Effect of Olweus-Based Training Program on Reducing the Symptoms of Conduct and Defiance Disorder for Male High School Bullying Students

  Page 309-312
  Javad Dorostkar


Investigating the Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Resiliency and Functioning of Family with Children suffering from Mental Retardation

  Page 313-319
  Delaram Badiee


Investigating the Effect of Solution-Focused Therapy on Psychological Capital In Families (Mothers) of Children with Intellectual Disability

  Page 320-322
  Delaram Badiee


Phonetic Changes in Velayati (Provincial) Dialect and Comparison with the Jewish Dialect of Isfahan

  Page 323-334
  Ali Armaghan,Reza Shajari


Investigating the Effect of Firm Size and Financial Leverage on the Relationship between Cost Management and Relevance of Accounting Information

  Page 335-342
  Tayebe Jalalian,Jamal Barzegari,Hamid Reza Mohammadi


Explain and Evaluate the Congruence between the Brand Personality and Word of Mouth Advertising

  Page 343-352
  Mohammad Rezaei,MohammadReza Hamidizadeh,Fahime Foroughi


Relation between Teaching Methods Versus Academic Achievement of Students

  Page 353-355
  Mojtaba Ebrahimi, Mohsen Malekmohammadi, Bahman Cheraghi, Ahmadreza Salehi Raj, Hosein Rezaei Kamalabad, Vahid Javani


Study on Correct Approach and its Advertising Negative Consequences on Religions-Perspective of Education

  Page 356-363
  Mojtaba Ebrahimi,Hashem Tavakoli, Mohammadreza Soltan Tafreh, Majid Khorshidi, Farhad Shahmoradi, Moslem Safari


The Personal Health: A Systematic Review

  Page 364-367
  Gilan Tavakoli Ordeghan

The Personal Health: A Systematic Review Page 364-367 Gilan Tavakoli Ordeghan PDF

  Page 368-372
  Alireza Aghayousefi,Azam Yaghoobian,Matin Arsanjani

Forecast Based on the Academic Performance of High School Students' Perceptions of Classroom

  Page 373-376
  Alireza Aghayousefi,Matin Arsanjani,Azam Yaghoobian

New and Innovative Methods in the Development of Sport for All, Especially in Rural Areas; Case Study in Sistan and Baluchestan Province

  Page 377-389
  Sanchouli Akbar,Lakzaie Mustafa

The study of Caspian Sea salt water intrusion to aquifer of Ghaemshahr-Joybar plain

  Page 390-397
  Homayoun Moghimi

Providing a New Algorithm to Improve AODV Protocol Security and Performance of Ad Hoc Networks against Black Hole Attacks

  Page 398-406
  Samad Soltanzad,Reza Askari Moghadam

Determining Effectiveness of Dialectic Behavior Therapy on Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem in Obese Individuals

  Page 407-409
  Marzieh Amirzadegan, Mohammad Ebrahim Madahi

Predicting Pattern Formation of Mesons

  Page 410-414
  Arezu Jahanshir

An Investigation of the Impacts by Hydro-geochemical Factors on Ghazvin Plain Groundwater Quality Indexes

  Page 415-425
  Homayoun Moghimi

A Minimalist Analysis of the Persian Object Marker –râ

  Page 426-434
  Zahra Elahi Hosein Abadi,Ahmad R. Lotfi

Analysis of Borazjan Geomorphologic Domain

  Page 435-447
  Mohsen Pourkhosravani,Tayebeh Mahmoodi,S. Elham Mousavi

A Comparative Study of Crime Frequency and Repetition in the Penal Code of Iran and Egypt

  Page 448-455
  Alireza Alizadeh Arand,Zahra Najafzadeh Moghadam, Maryam Taghi Gozari

A Study on Improvement of Intrusion Detection Systems in Computer Networks via GNMF Method

  Page 456-461
  Milad Gholipoor Moghaddam

The Study of Divergence Factors in Relationships of Iran Aand Egypt after Arab Uprisings

  Page 462-466
  Mohammad Taheri,Farhad Jamshidian

The Position of Boycott in the International System

  Page 467-471
  Shima Abbasian,Batoul Esmaeili

Criticizing and Investigating Pigeon Symbol in the Poetries of Akhavan Sales

  Page 472-477
  Shokrollah Tatri,Abotaleb Pakbaz,Farzad Taheri,Mastane Taheri

Resource Management Scheme in Heterogeneous Networks

  Page 478-482
  Abbas Mirzaei Somarin,Morteza Barari,Saeed Ashrafi,Sajad Jahanbakhsh Gudakahriz,Arash hasanzadeh,Mohammad Reza Tahernezhad

Challenges Using Cloud Computing Applications for Organizations

  Page 483-487
  Yaghoub Pourasad,Zabiholah Jistan,Hossin Jistan,Hamideh Baghdadi

The Categorical Status of Numerals and Quantifiers in Persian: A Minimalist Approach

  Page 488-499
  Zahra Elahi Hosein Abadi,Ahmad R. Lotfi

A Brief Look at the Political - Social Situation of Balochistan in First Pahlavi

  Page 500-505
  Ehsan Sepahi

Fire in Iranian Mythology

  Page 506-509
  Nader Mirsaeedi Kourosh Mirkarimi

The Role of Small Businesses on Employment and Economic Potential of Rural Households

  Page 510-514
  Aliakbar Nazemi,Heshmatolah Saadi, Karim Naderi Mahdie

Design of a New Flash ADC in 65 Nm CMOS Process

  Page 515-524
  Mohammad Jafar Taghizadeh Marvast

Technical and Economic Feasibility of Heat Pump in Integrated Distillation System to Reduce Energy Use - A Case Study of Abadan Refinery in Southern Part of Iran

  Page 525-532

The Role of Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence in Predicting the Advertising Believability

  Page 533-537
  Nasibe Majdi, Hayede Saberi

The Assessment of Groundwater Resources for Irrigation by Water Quality Indices (Case Study, Ghazvin Plain, Northwest of Iran)

  Page 538-548
  Homayoun Moghimi

Bagasse Conversion to Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas by Gasification in the Presence of Oxygen and Water Vapor

  Page 549-553
  Amir Jafari,Ahmad Tavasoli

Effluent Water Treatment of BTL Process Using Activated Sludge Technique

  Page 554-560
  Ali Mahmoodnia,Mohammad Salimi,Seyed Morteza Mousavi,Ahmad Tavasoli

Active personal Earthquake Emergency Alarm base on Mobile BTS Network

  Page 561-567
  Alireza Ahmadi,Mojtaba Ahmadi

Determination Phase-Ground Fault by Distance Relay in Short Transmission Line Using Linear Differential Equation

  Page 568-575
  Arezoo Haghiri Sanate

Green Transportation as a Confident Method in Cities to Improve Citizens’ Environmental Conditions

  Page 576-584
  AAshraf Ghadiri,Rahim Hashem Pour

Identification based on Iris Texture

  Page 585-589
  Bahrami Mahsa,Doost Mohammadi Mohammad Hossien

Design and Implementation of the Mixed Single Cycle Processor on FPGA

  Page 590-596
  AAghakhani Amin,Doost Mohammadi Mohammad Hossien

Design of Immittans Clcl Grid for Using in Constant Current Resonans Converters

  Page 597-603
  Farhad Fateh,Naser Eshghabadi

Destiny of Book and Libraries in the Digital Age

  Page 604-606
  Fariba Jalili,Atefeh Zarei,Maryam Hemmati

Antibacterial Impact of Methanol Extract (Eryngium Caeruleum) on Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus in a Food Model at 4 °C

  Page 607-613
  Fatemeh Amini,Hamdollah Moshtaghi,Maryam Abbasvali

Social Determinants of Violence against Women (Case Study: Tehran City)

  Page 614-619
  Keivan Shokri,Mohammad Saleh,Maryam Etivand,Paiman Fathi,Areif Moradi

Effect of Reality Therapy Interventions by Group Work on Reducing the Anxiety Behavior in Adolescents

  Page 620-625
  Keivan Shokri,Jamal Aliabadi,Mohammad Saleh,Maryam Etivand,Paiman Fathi

A Survey of the Effect of Network Knowledge on Business Relationship Value of Small and Medium Exporting Companies in Required Foreign Market

  Page 626-632
  Maedeh Janmohammadi

Enhanced Oil Recovery by Miscible Flooding

  Page 633-640
  Mehdi Foroozanfar

The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Learning among High School Principals in Isfahan

  Page 641-646
  Ziba Ghorbanian,Gholamhossein Mo'meni,Zohreh Ghorbanian

Volume 10, Issue 1, Supplement 3 (2016)


Investigating the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Competitive Strategy in Finance and Credit Institution Samen-Alhojaj of Mazandaran Province

  Page 03-10
  Mirvahed Hosseini,Marzie Niazazari


The Survey of the Relationship between Information Technology Acceptance and Organizational Agility from the Perspective of the Public Institutions Employees (Case Study: Markazi Province Organization of Road Maintenance and Transport)

  Page 11-19
  Gholamreza Bordbar,Muhammad Sadeg Horri


Factors Affecting the Caspian, the Caspian to the Persian Gulf to Compare Islamic Republic of Iran

  Page 20-26
  Davod Kiany,Amir Talbian


Parents’ Violence and Its Effects on Children’s Compatibility (Case Study Butterfly House Mehr City)

  Page 27-32
  Parvane Doodman


Supporting Multinational Corporations in the Laws and Regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  Page 33-37
  Kobra Javadi


Investigating the Effects and Prioritization of the Factors Affecting Development of Halal Brand for Export Promotion (Case Study: Food Industry)

  Page 38-46
  Mohamadreza Shojaei,Akram Moradi


The Relationship between Discretionary and Non-Discretionary Accruals and Information Efficiency in Tehran Stock Exchange

  Page 47-50
  Mehdi Talebghasabi,Leila Lak, Fatemeh Lak


To Study the Factors Affecting the Performance improvement of Educational Institutes Case Study: Elementary Schools of Khorramdarreh County

  Page 51-55
  Mahnaz Karami,Soror Sadri,Ahdiyeh Aghamohamadi


The Effect of Corrective Feedback Strategy Types on Iranian EFL Learner’s Willingness to Communicate

  Page 56-65
  Azam Rashidi, Seyed Reza Basiro, Hossein Saadabadi Motlaq


Mo’atat Marriage and Verbal or Non-Verbal Temporary Implementation of the Constitution Evidence from Iran

  Page 66-70
  Shabboo Ansari,Behrouz Majdzadeh Khandani

The Relationship between Organizational Cultures with Knowledge Management Case: Staff of Education Organization of Iran

  Page 71-78
  Omid Vandad,Hujat Allah Moradi Parandjani


Self-control, Coping Strategies and Suicide Ideation in Adults Prisoners of Hamadan, Iran

  Page 79-82
  Saeed Ariapooran,Mehdi Khezeli


Identifying the Affecting Factors on Consumer`s Online Shopping Behavior Based on TAM, DTPB Model

  Page 83-88
  Zahra Alipur Darvish,Mahnaz Azari Ghelichi,Seyed Hamed Hamdi


The Study of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and the Role of Emotional Quotient (EQ) on Incidence of It in Hospitals of Zabol

  Page 89-95
  Alireza Nadrifar,Abdullah Hashemzaee


New Mysticisms: A Survey and Criticism of Osho School

  Page 96-100
  Mohsen Makarem


Surveying the Relationship between Marketing Performance and Competitive Advantage in Private and State Banks of Mazandaran Province (Case Study: Banks of Qaemshahr and Jouybar Cities)

  Page 101-106
  Ghanbarzadeh DivKolai Aliasghar,Erfan Memariyan


The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and the Earnings Response Coefficients of the Listed Companies

  Page 107-111
  Mahsa Shahsanam,Hamidreza Shamakhi


Effects of Metal-Organic Frameworks on CO2 Solubility in Aqueous Amine Solutions

  Page 112-119
  Mahzad Yaghmaei Sabegh, Ahmad Tavasoli, Alireza Shakeri


Investigation of Abidance Factors in the Poetry of Badawi al-Jabal and Hamid Sabzevari

  Page 120-123
  Zeynab Lalvand,Mohammad Naghi Maghsoudi

Green Technology for the Clean Up of the Environment- A review

  Page 124-126
  Mohsen Gholamali Majdabadi

The Compilation of One Object of Timurid Metalwork (12th Century) in the National Museum of Iran with Two Objects in National Museum of Yerevan-Armenia

  Page 127-132
  Shahram Heidarabadian,Soosan Bayati,Mahmoud Tavousi

The Evaluation of the Effective Factors in the Performance of the Tropical Fruits

  Page 133-141
  Tahmoures Hasan Gholipour,Abolghasem Mira,Taybeh Golabdoust

The Study of Factors Affecting Students' Tendency towards Research and Study from the Viewpoints of Teachers in the Academic Year 2015-2016 in Dehloran

  Page 142-148
  Taher Ganji

Forecast Workaholism Based on Personality Traits and Job Involvement among Employees Lorestan Province Blood Transfusion Organization

  Page 149-154
  Fatemeh Alipourfard,Ali Farhadi,Hamid Reza Adinehvand

Analyzing the Strategic Environment in the Agricultural Sector Based on Phase Logic in Agriculture Section

  Page 155-164
  Yasser Saei,Bakhtiar Lalehgani

Semantically Meta-cognitive Properties in Makhzanol Asrar

  Page 165-167
  Mohammad Naghi Maghsoudi,Naser Kazem Khanloo

Study of Environmental Sustainability & Green Building in Iran’s warm/dry weather Using LEED

  Page 168-174
  Pegah Nikraftar,Amir Ahmad Aminian

Identifying and Ranking the Affecting Factors of the Green Banking on Banks Competitive Market (State-Owned Banks and Private Population of Tehran)

  Page 03-08
  Naser Azad,Vahid Rashid Samanlou


The Relationship between Brand Personality and Customers' Loyalty in Refah Kargaran Bank The Case Study: Branches in Tehran

  Page 09-14
  Mohsen Taherkhani,Mojtaba Maleki,Hossein Najafi,Parisa Shahrami


A Study of the Impact of Customer Orientation on the Attraction of Service Market

  Page 15-17
  Shahla Amiri,MohamadReza Habibi


Measuring Desirability of Urban Public Space of 600 Dastgah Mashhad Complex According to the Citizens by Place Check Method

  Page 18-25
  Somayyeh Beyki,Nafise Rezaei,Hamid Fakhimzadeh,Mohammad Shabani


Performance Evaluation of Succession Management in Banks and Financial Institutions (Case Study: Melli Bank in Isfahan City)

  Page 26-30
  Ali Reza Abedi Jalalabad,Zahra Mu'izzi,Reyhaneh Karbalaei-e- Mohammadi


Pathology of Budgeting In Management of Commercial Media Advertisements in Iran

  Page 31-33
  Zainab Sadat Mirhadi,Ali Akbar Farhangi


Residential Complex Designed In For Dramatic Center, Iran's Efforts in Rehabilitation of Traditional Patterns and Positive Psychology

  Page 34-39
  Afshin Amoozadeh lichaei,Zahra Khazaei,Neda Haghgoo


Investigating the Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing Strategies in Sepah Bank Case Study:Tehran Branches

  Page 40-45
  Parisa Shahrami,Mojtaba Maleki,Hossein Najafi,Mohsen Taherkhani


Divineness of the Word of Holy Qur’an

  Page 46-54
  Mohammd Sheibani


The Study of Effectiveness of Kindergarten on the Compatibility of Children’s in the Preschool

  Page 55-58
  Niloofar Tosee Erfani,Ali Akbar Seyf


Environmental Legislation In The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution

  Page 59-60
  Mahdi Najjar Sadeghi,Israfil Ala,Amirmohammad Babaee


Investigate the Electronic payment barriers of revenues of Ports and Maritime Organization and providing solutions (Case Study of the Directorate General of Ports and Maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan)

  Page 61-67
  Abdulaziz Abtin,Farshad Balouch Lashari


To Explore Role of Colonialism and West in Difference between Muslims and to Form Salafi and Vahabi

  Page 68-71
  Hossein Shams


Identify Factors Affecting Adoption of Mobile Viral Marketing and Customer Decision-Making Process Review

  Page 72-79
  Maryam Mahdavi,Mohammad Heydari,Ehsan Ahadmotlaghi


IT Governance Maturity Assessment Using Demographics Data of Bank Saderat I

  Page 80-86
  Hamid Keshavarzian,Jalal Haghighat Monfared


Evaluation of Prefabrication Technologies in Construction

  Page 87-90
  Alireza Baghchesaraei,Omid Reza Baghchesaraei


Predicting Harmful Use of the Internet on the Basis of Personality Traits

  Page 91-96
  Majid Zargham Hajeb,Azam Yaghubian,Roghayeh Zeraatee Idehloo


Relationship between Impulsivity, Negative Mood and Binge Eating Symptoms

  Page 97-100
  Maryam Zeinali,Malek Bestami,Majid Naeimavi


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Parents’ Emotion Regulation Method on Anxiety and Depression Symptoms of Children

  Page 101-106
  Leila Moteragheb Jafarpour,Ali Esmailie


The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Relationship between Emotional Display Rules and Organizational Health of Service Providers

  Page 107-113
  Hossein Vazifedoost,Kamal Ghalandari


The Dispersion of Heavy Metals in the Air, Soil and Wastewater of Sistan Cement Factory, South East of Iran

  Page 114-117
  Sanaz Khammar,Asef Darvishi


Information Search Behavior Scale Development: Internal and External Search

  Page 118-123
  Kamal Ghalandari,Abdollah Norouzi,Sareh Masoudi,Hasan Aminpoor,Asghar Taheri


Effect of Reality Therapy on Achievement Motivation and Problem-Solving Skills in Students

  Page 124-127
  Sareh Masoudi,Reza Mirzaei,Hasan Aminpoor,Mohammad Hafeznia,Maryam Majd


Examining the Antecedents of Brand Resonance Creation in Oral Industry of Iran

  Page 128-133
  Gholam Hosain Khorshidi,Mohsen Sanati,Atefeh Ghomi Avili


Volume 10, Issue 1, Supplement 2 (2016)


Service Training and Organizational Efficiency

  Page 05-10
  Mozaffar Espeed


The Effect of In-Service Training of Employees on Empowering the Organizations, Employees

  Page 11-16
  Mozaffar Espeed


The Impact of Global Warming on Sirvan River Using Non-Parametric Methods

  Page 17-23


Study of Biological and Physico-Chemical Quality of Babolrood River in Mazandaran province, Iran

  Page 24-32
  Ali Behmanesh


The Impact of Meta-cognitive Teaching Math on Math Problem Solving Ability among High School First Grade Students

  Page 33-40
  Reza Asarzadeh,Saeed Sayedi Nasab


The Role of Cognitive Flexibility and Spiritual Intelligence in the Research Self-Efficacy of Faculty Members of Payam Noor University of Kermanshah Province

  Page 41-45
  Alireza Merati


An Investigation of the Strategies of Introducing Yazd as a Global Brand

  Page 46-49
  Shiva Asadi,Ali Chini Zadeh,Hassan Hekmatnia


Determination of 5-S Ordering System Effect on the Working Life Quality and Staff Efficiency in the Fars Province Gas Company

  Page 50-55
  Hassan Soltani


The conflict of the Murder Evidences in the Imami Jurisprudence and the Islami Penal Code

  Page 56-60
  Seyed Mohammad Hosseini,Shahram Mirzanzhad Asl


A Review on Corrosion of Reinforcing steel in Concrete Structures Located on the Southern Coast of Iran

  Page 61-66
  Hassan Ali Sayadi,Abbas Akbar pour Nik Ghalb Rashti,Hamid Reza Rabie Far


Investigating Relationship between Internet Brand Equity and Users’ Satisfaction through Integration of ISM-DEMATEL Approaches (Case Study of the Google Brand and Iranian Users)

  Page 67-74
  Ali Bonyadi Naeini,Pouyan Kazempour


Investigating the Identity Process in Urban Design Guidelines based on the Principles of Walkability

  Page 75-80
  Shora Shahriari


Evaluation of the Performance of Congestion Control Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks

  Page 81-90
  Ameneh Gholamhosseinzadeh,Mojtaba Mansoori


Mesenchymal Stem Cells (M.S.C.) Effect in Streptozotocin (STZ) Induced Type I Diabetic Rats

  Page 91-95
  Armita Mahdavi Gorabi,Farhad Souri, Mona Jahandideh Kazempor


Investigation of Energy Revenue by Photovoltaic System Evidence from erection of Nazarbayev University

  Page 96-105
  Azamat Kim


Carcinogenesis (Formation of Cancer) and Impact of BRCA-2 and BRCA-1 Mutation on Female Breast Cancer (Heredity) Growth and Development

  Page 106-110
  Armita Mahdavi Gorabi,Mir Hadi Jazayeri,Maziar Farid


Introducing and Examination of Barandagh Khojandi’s Allusions to Hafiz Shirazi

  Page 111-119
  Nasser Mohsseninia,Mehdi Fayyaz,Omid Soroori


A Survey on the Relationship between Legal Jurisprudence and the Mortgage Property Lease Laws in Iran Statutory Law

  Page 120-126
  Mohammad Mozaffar,Yadollah Safari


The Relationship between Members’ Conceptions on Organizational Commitment on Company Social Responsibility Activities In DBS Bank - Singapore

  Page 127-134
  Abdullahi Terano


Aredvisura’s Anahita’s Impression in Avesta Transcripts

  Page 135-138
  Mozhgan Esmaili


Study on Relationship between Law and Ethics

  Page 139-142
  Hadis Rasekhi


Identifying and Ranking the Criteria for Evaluating the Performance of Operating Managers of Iran Khodro Company Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and TOPSIS

  Page 143-151
  Behzad Behzadi,Jalal Haghighat Monfared


Children Interests in Figh

  Page 152-155
  Ali Esfehanian


Assess the Impact of Resistance Economic on National Productivity (Case study: city of Shahrekord)

  Page 156-158
  Yazdan Kahyani,Shahab Kahyani,Amrollah Parsamehr,Valiolah Esmaeili Darake,Farhad Farhad


Training to Human Resource and Entrepreneurship Development

  Page 159-164
  Parviz Saeedi,Abedin Alipour, Ghorban Rayeji, Babaali Gilani


Study the Rights of Son Born to in Vitro Fertilization

  Page 165-170
  Hadis Rasekhi


Studying the Effect of Brand Community on Making a Commitment to a Brand

  Page 171-175
  Hossein Vazifedoost,Nahid Kheiri


Evaluated the Relationship between Sensory Marketing with Customer Satisfaction in Hotel Services

  Page 176-180
  Hossein Vazifedoost,Mahsa Karbalaei Hassan


Examining the Relationship between Pricing Strategies and Marketing Activities: Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service and Effectiveness of Promotion Activities

  Page 181-186
  Hossein Vazifedoost,Roghiyeh Abdi


Comparing Different Methods of Measuring the Coverage of Salsola Laricina in the Steppe Region of Rudshur Saveh

  Page 187-192
  Tayebeh Entezari,Yunes Asri,Gholam Reza Khaniki


Comparison of Different Methods for Measuring Density of Salsola Laricina in Rudshoor Steppe in Saveh

  Page 193-197
  Tayebeh Entezari,Yunes Asri,Gholam Reza Khaniki,Morteza Akbarzadeh


Human Resources Challenges in Industrial Marketing

  Page 198-206
  Tahmhneh Nategh,Afsaneh Dezhbodi


Investigation of E-Learning in the Pedagogical System of Kazakhstan

  Page 05-07
  Adil Kossumov


An Overview on Geographic Information System (GIS) Application in Environmental Management, Case Study: Algae Growth Assessment in Tampa Bay

  Page 08-13
  Mehdi Ketabchy,Mohammad Nayeb Yazdi,Ebrahim Ahmadisharaf


Juristic - Legal Analysis of the Validity of Exorbitant Dowry

  Page 14-20
  Hussein Shafiee,Nasrin Alipour


Obstacles in Development of Livestock Sector- Evidence from Kazakhstan

  Page 21-23
  Giles Gaygysyz,Nadezhda Bismilda


Study on Development of Financial Sector in Persian Gulf Basin Countries

  Page 24-27
  Mojtaba Ebrahimi,Meghdad Masoumi,Davood Ghilichkhan,Reza Ghilichkhan,Mohsen Bahrami


Scope and Authorities of a Natural Guardian in Non-Financial Affairs of a Ward

  Page 28-33
  Hasan Falah,Masoud Bitaneh


Survey on the Picking Method of PPP State in the Public Field

  Page 34-38
  Veli Saka


Studying Gender in Azary Proverb from the Viewpoint of Sociolinguistics

  Page 39-50
  Malahat Shabani Minaabad, Mohammad Mirzaei


Isolation, Identification and Serotyping Uropathogenic Escherchia Coli Siderophore Manufacturer of Hospital Patients and Health Care Centers in Bandare Anzali

  Page 51-55
  Mitra Doost Prast,Khosro Issazadeh,Mohamad Reza Khosh Kholgh


Detection of CMV Virus Using Two Methods: Real-Time-PCR and Cytochemical Staining in Immune-Compromised Individuals

  Page 56-61
  Mohammad Sadegh


The Study of Effect of Exchange Rate on Iranian Private Bank's Performance

  Page 62-67
  Fatemeh Shahnazi Pour,Mahnaz Rabiei,Abbas Memar Nezhad


Check and Total Aflatoxin B with Degeneration of the Liver after Hepatitis in Gilan

  Page 68-70
  Maryam Tavakkoli Lakeh,Seyyed Hamed Shirazi Beheshtiha,Leila Modiri


Examine the Relationship between Religious Orientation with General Health and Life Expectancy in Female Students of Ilam Province

  Page 71-75
  Seyed Rahmatollah Musavi Moghadam,Shoreh Arjomandi,Zoreh Khebarzadeh,Mostafa Naderi,Shahnaz Shokri


Study Factors Affecting On Islamic Clothing of Adolescent Girls

  Page 76-80
  Mahshid Izadi,Maryam Kazemi


Assessment of Financial and Economic Basics of Energy Saving

  Page 81-85
  Mojtaba Jamiati,Mahmoud Ariyanejad,Amin Karimzadeh


Space Management Role in the Regulation of Rural Settlements Case Study: Qeysar Abad Village

  Page 86-92
  Tahmineh Daniali,Alireza Estelaji,Abolfazl Shahbazi


Analytical Survey of Yield Line Theories and Methods in Concrete Structures

  Page 93-98
  H.H Lavasani,Omid Reza Baghchesaraei,Alireza Baghchesaraei


The Mediator Roll of Thinking Style in the Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Job Behavior between Employees of Roads and Urban Development Organization in Ardabil Province

  Page 99-107
  Farhang Fallah Khoshkholgh, Ali Khalegh Khah